How it all began

Though the Coconut Empire Forge has risen to power from the dust, ashes, sweat, blood, and scale, the battle to mesh art and functionality wages on. Tested and proven custom blades, decorative yet functional steel work, and non-ferrous mokume-gane are some of the fallout you will encounter in the western theater. Take a look around you. What are you up against? Join the Coconut Empire led by bladesmith Alan Kirby who appeared on the television show Forged In Fire June 12, 2018. Season 5 Episode 15: Kelewang. Enjoy the portfolio of past work on the Gallery page. Contact us for custom orders or questions about blades and forged jewelry that we create.

Contact us

Current work can be seen live at ArtForms Gallery in Pittsburg, KS. Feel the heat? Looking for something purpose built or custom? Just want to say ‘Hi’? Drop us a message with the link below and join the Empire on Facebook and Instragram.

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